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    Food Insecurity Continues to Grow Among Older Americans and College Students

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    When many of us think about the problem of food insecurity, we often Invision young children. The hidden fact, however, is that there is another group of people suffering from this issue as well: the elderly. As the greying of the nation continues to increase, there is a real problem for those older Americans who cannot get the food that they need to stay healthy.
    As a result, some fo these older Americans face worse medical issues because they are not getting the nutrition that they need. This leads to higher Medicare and Medicaid costs when health problems require hospitalization. When you realize that so many of these problems are the result of poor nutrition you begin to understand the need for solving the problem of food insecurity in Americans of all age, both young and old.
    Another population group that is not often considered when it comes to food insecurity is college students. As more and more families struggle, however, to find a way to have the kind of college savin