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    Yes, You Still Need a Checking Account Today Here’s Why

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    If you’ve got a job, or have money coming in, you need a checking account. For many people, they first enter the world of finance as a teenager, by choosing a bank (often one where their parents bank) and opening a checking account. It gives them a safe place to store their money, a measure of independence, and a feeling of responsibility. Plus, it cultivates good habits and introduces them to the idea of budgeting and tracking their expenses. Your first bank might be a community bank, which account for 99.5% of all banks in the United States in and over 600 counties, those are the only banking locations that have a physical presence. Let’s discuss other reasons why a checking account is so important, what you need to do to open one, and what kind of bank you should look at (if you have the option).

    Why Do I Need a Checking Account?
    Any adult needs a checking account. It’s likely w

    Why Business Needs to Stay Up to Date With Trends in Software

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    Running a business takes serious dedication and work for everyone involved. While it’s imperative that a company grows and continues to serve customers in the best way possible, it’s important that there’s systems in place to help employees work properly. From system and services technologies auto loan to debt collection software, it’s important that employees have the right tools at their fingertips to help them do their job.

    Employees Can Get Overwhelmed When They Don’t Get Enough Help

    Most employees are willing and capable to do what’s required to keep a company running, within reason. It’s when things become overwhelming, or one person is required to do the job of two or more people that it becomes frustrating. Work overload isn’t only a major issue for employees; it can decrease efficiency in the workplace over 65%. In cases like this, ensure employees have the system and services needed in the workplace so they can focus on doing their job without a

    Mortgages in America

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    Buying a home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. After all, the purchase of a home signifies the beginning of a new chapter even as another draws to a close. Buying a home can mean new things coming your way. It can mean financial success or security. It can mean starting a family. It can mean moving closer to your family. It can mean getting a new job. There is often so much to celebrate with the purchase of a new home, but it must also be acknowledged that buying a new home can also be very stressful. There is a lot that must be considered, from the size of the home to your budget and the mortgage rates that you will need to pay.

    First, it’s important to consider the area that you’re moving into. For some people, this is mostly decided for them, as they are moving for school or for a job or for something of this nature. If you are moving for any other reason, however, you should survey the surrounding neighborhoods to truly get a sense for the area. If you’re looking to start

    The Latest Software Updates Can Help Businesses Track Their Profits and Their Bills

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    When you started this business 12 years ago you could balance the books at the end of every day in just a few minutes. Today, however, when it comes to figuring out the books at the end of the day, you rely on a financial package that includes retail billing software and debt management system software. From small businesses with only a few workers to larger businesses that include several offices, there are many kinds of retail billing software packages.
    With the use of bill collection software and compliance management software, there are many tools that can help business owners of all size keep track of their finances. In fact, these software packages not only make the day to day financial tasks easier to manage, they also

    Mobile Internet Banking Is a Standard Procedure for Most Businesses

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    This last week has been a challenge, but mobile banking has made if manageable.
    Your older daughter locked her keys in her trunk when she was visiting her boyfriend. Your younger daughter found the perfect prom dress while she was on a church trip and 15 hours from home.
    Neither of these events were real emergencies, but the fact that the entire family uses the same mobile banking app made the details more manageable. Your oldest daughter was able to call a locksmith to get her into the car, but the bill was a little more than her fourth year in college checking account could handle. Your youngest daughter had plenty of room on the charter bus to safely store her prom dress purchase, but the cost was more than you had given her for the trip. Continue Reading No Comments

    Commercial Real Estate and Beach Homes for Sale

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    You want your house to be a place where you feel comfortable and at ease, a place where you can feel free to express yourself in whatever way you wish. You want your house to be a sanctuary, a place of respite, a home. Sometimes this concept is much more easily said than done, but with the right vision, paired with the right real estate agent, you can make your dream a reality. The same can be said for the perfect working environment. Finding the right place to nurture your business can make all of the difference.

    Finding the perfect residential or commercial property

    When it comes to the ideal location, everyone likely has something slightly different in mind than the next person. But there are some things that, regardless of your personal preference, it is easy to appreciate, such as beach real estate. Beach homes and busines

    Mobile Banking Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Apps

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    With the rise of the digital age, lots of industries are making the online switch. Banking is no exception, with new mobile banking services and banking apps to make it easier for you to take control of your account no matter where you are. So what can you expect from these new developments, and are they worth the investment?

    According to a survey conducted in July 2016, more than 60% of Americans believe that the United States will become a cashless society in the near future. This means that all purchases will be made with credit or debit cards or other electronic forms of payment instead of paper bills. In addition, the Federal Reserve reports that more than 70% of American consumers, or approximately 174 million people, have at least one credit card already. And with more than $2.56 trillion in debit card transactions reported in 2016, it’s easy to see that w

    Five Reasons Your Next Car Loan Should Be From A Credit Union

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    If you’re looking at getting a new car, you’re probably also looking at ways to finance that vehicle. About 43% of all people are currently financing their cars, and the average borrower is carrying nearly $18,000 in debt for their vehicle. Whatever type of car you’re planning on getting, here are some good reasons to get credit union auto financing instead of asking your bank or car dealer for a loan.

    • There’s plenty of choices. The idea of a credit union still sounds a bit strange to some people, and many people still think that national banks are a more secure bet than a credit union. This thinking is out of step with the times, though. Today there are more than 5,600 credit unions in America that are federally insured. Credit unions have more than 110 million members, and car loans are a third of their lending business. Although banks do have advantages in terms of branch locations and the latest technology, the deals available at a credit union usually ca

    I Want To Apply For A Bank Account What Should I Know First?

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    You need to apply for a bank account.

    Whether this is your first time having your own bank account after graduating or you’ve been predominantly using Paypal as your means of storing your funds, this can seem like a very simple and very complex task. Which bank is best when it comes to helping you save money? Should you apply to banks with mobile banking options or is this a minor detail you should overlook? Before you fill out an application for new bank account consider reading the list below. There are a few things you should be aware of to make sure this account doesn’t just store your money, but help you expand your horizons.

    Whether it’s a checking account application or an attempt to build good credit, applying for a bank account is a solid idea.

    Banking In America

    Banking has gone

    Setting Up A Corporation In New York State

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    Whether you think you have the next big invention, you’re starting out in private practice or consulting, or you have a great business idea ready for prime time, setting up a corporation has a broad range of benefits.  A corporation is a separate legal entity from its founders, owners and/or employees, which has many of the same legal rights as a person (but no, they can’t vote) and shares many of the same responsibilities, including paying taxes. Besides the obvious tax advantage inherent to becoming a corporate entity, setting up a corporation allows you to share ownership in a business venture, and often protects your personal assets from corporate losses, if things don’t quite go to plan.

    In New York State, there are three main types of corporations: S corporations (the largest, which can be, but aren’t necessarily, publicly traded), limited liability corporations (LLCs, which are the preferred choice for small businesses), and partnerships (a common structure for law firms and medical practices, where the individual members maintain their own accounts). LLCs are usually the easiest corporations to set up, requiring only a filing fee and a modest amount of paperwork.

    In order to start your own corporation, the essential step is filing a Certificate of Incorporation with New York’s Department of State. But while this can be done with one simple form, remember that setting up a corporation is a major decision — it is strongly suggest to consult with a lawyer, a financial advisor, or both before you file the paperwork. But to give you an idea of the process and what is involved, here are some of the choices you will need to make before you file

    Choosing a name for your corporation: Once you have filed this DBA (doing business as) name, it is somewhat difficult to change. Make sure you pick something that is memorable, relevant to what your business does, and most importantly of all, unique. Every corporation in New York must have a different name, and you will be required to announce your business’ name in the local Newspaper of Record.

    Stating your corporation’s purpose: Normally a mere formality, in which you can keep the state’s standard language. However, if your corporation intends to practice a profession (medicine, law or engineering), or otherwise be involved in a field with state licensing requirements, such as education or child care, this is where you need to make that declaration, and there may be subsequent steps involved with your profession’s board of licensure.

    County location: This one is simple – list the county where your business will be based, which is important for tax purposes, as well as possible tax credits and other development funds from county Industrial Development Agencies.

    Stock structure: This is where you decide how shares of your company will be apportioned, in other words, who in your business will own how much of it. Some shares can be designated for future distribution, but since you’re filing for an LLC and the shares can’t trade on the stock market, this decision carries exceptional weight for smaller businesses. Think especially carefully about who can get a controlling stake, and combine for over 51% of the total voting shares! Accounting for this now can prevent an expensive surprise later when employees or investors try to take over.

    Designation for Service of Process: Usually, but not always, your lawyer, the designatee for service is who will receive the paperwork in the event your corporation is sued.

    As long as your articles of incorporation meet these five requirements, and you pay the $125 filing fee, your application should be approved. Setting up a corporation is the easy part though — now that you have a small business of your own, you may need small business financial advice to avoid the pitfalls many inexperienced business owners face. canada goose damen canada goose damen canada goose damen