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Help! I Got An Extra Tax Refund!

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So you haven’t even filed your taxes yet and you got a refund from the IRS. Free money, right? Not to mention the time you just saved gathering all the paperwork, going to your financial advisor or accountant, and filing your 1040.

Unfortunately, nothing with the IRS is ever that easy. It may be an actual government error (in which case you are liable for the money if and when the correction shows up), or you may have just become an unwitting participant in the latest tax scam.

In this particular fraud, all the scammer needs is your name, address, and optionally social security number, to file a federal tax return on your behalf, with a hefty refund. Of course, the deception doesn’t end there. All the fraudster will have done so far is get a check sent to you.

This is where things get interesting. The scammer needs to find a way to get your money — and it is your money, the IRS won’t take the hit — once you have the check. They will often do this with increasingly threatening letters and phone calls, sometimes acting as (fake) representatives of the IRS, and sometimes posing as lawyers or law enforcement, to get you to surrender some or all of your “refund” to the scammer.

In one case, the perpetrators even acted as pretend financial advisors, “helping” people through the situation and “filing” honest returns for a percentage of the extra refund. In this particular case, the new returns created more havoc, causing the IRS to collect back the false refunds, and leaving the victims owing more than ever.

So what should you do if this happens to you? First and foremost, DO NOT CASH THE CHECK! Instead, void the check and send it back to the IRS. If it shows up in your bank account by direct deposit, tell your bank it is an error. Then, consult with a trusted financial adviser to maximize your real tax refund. It might take a bit longer, and the check might not be quite as spectacular, but this way you can rest assured your refund money is actually yours to spend!

3 Benefits of Living Near the Beach

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Pre construction townhomes in fort lauderdale

Statistics gathered from Spring 2017 found that 9.26 million people within the United States currently own a second home. Considering that, it’s understandable to wonder where you want your potential second home to be located. In fact, statistics show that 36% of those who purchased vacation homes chose a property in a beach area. It’s understandable to wonder why living near the beach is beneficial. Considering that, here are three beneficial reasons to consider living near the beach.

  1. Good for Your Health

    You might not think about your health while looking at houses for sale. That being said, you might find it wise to consider browsing waterfront homes

Sales, Sides, and Advising

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Deciding to sell a business

At any given time in teh United States, there are almost 15 potential and prospective buyers that are n the market for every one business that is listed for sale. Now, the number 15 may not seem like it is anywhere near overwhelming but it is important to understand the world of business is strong and filled with people looking to make the next big purchase in terms of buying a business or property.

Understanding the world of business, as previously mentioned, is no easy task for anyone. Even the high-end business owners in the United States work hard to try and stay on top of new innovations and new trends within their own line of work and that is easier said than done. Being able to take advantage of business acquisitions, selling a business, selling a company, and all else is not easy, but

How Clear Signage Contributes to Business Success

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Deli meat signs

A well informed customer is a higher spending customer. When a customer is educated on the product, the business, and the pricing, they are much more likely to make a purchase. When businesses fail to provide their customers with these types of information, they tend to lose customers business. Every successful business should have the following store signage.

Clearly priced merchandise or services
You might be surprised at the number of customers who simply will not inquire about an unlisted price. When a customer has to ask pricing for multiple products or services, it gives them feelings of uneasiness and discomfort. Clearly pricing merchandise and services, such as with Continue Reading No Comments

6 Ways to Find the Right International Employees

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Can us company do a payroll in canada

Finding good employees can be a real challenge. When you are looking to hire international workers, the whole process is a lot more complicated. In the first place, you have foreign employment compliance issues to deal with. You can always hire an outsourced payroll services company to help you with the legalities involved. This is a key thing you should do. Even if you are working across a border, there are a vast payroll differences between USA and Canada, for example. Findin

Are You Looking for the Funds You Need to Capitalize on a Big Opportunity?

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Hard money loan rates

It is about access.

From the time you were in high school you understood that having access to the resources that you needed at the time that you needed it was the secret to success.
Even before you had a definite plan for where you would be going to college you watched as your father missed opportunity after opportunity because he did not have the resources that he needed when he needed them. You watched as the fathers of your friends capitalized on one financial opportunity after another while your father missed out. Without access to the quick cash and hard money loans that others accessed, your friends and their families were able to purchase houses to renovate and resale. They were ab

The Debt Management CalculatorHelp Is On The Way!

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Credit counseling

As the economy continues to rock back and forth, more and more people are looking for ways to manage their debt. The credit score certainly is not what it used to be, while people struggle toward the increase. As many as 26% of individuals in the United States say that they are not able to pay their bills on time. Meanwhile, the number of debt collection companies has risen to 4,500, and all are doing great business at the expense of the average person.

The use of a debt management calculator has become a helpful way that many have discovered to bring some sense and organization to their debts so that they can begin to navigate their way to achieving a goal of success. By

The Popular Tool More Businesses Are Using To Save Both Time And Money

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Cash recycler machines

When it comes to numbers, accuracy is the name of the day. With business transactions and payrolls to total up week after week, you’ll want every tool in your arsenal to avoid little mistakes that could lead to big consequences. If you’ve got concerns about your efficiency, a portable cash counter may be just the ticket you need. As technology grows so does demand, so it stands to reason you’ll need to update your techniques to stay ahead of the curve when distributing cheques or totaling payrolls.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with some quick facts. Did you know that one of the most common issues facing small and large businesses is the tiny margin for human error pre

What to Do Before Buying Out a Business

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Business valuation report

If you are looking into buying a business for the first time or are looking to make an offer on one then there are several things that you need to do and be aware of before you close the deal. If you’ve already made an offer on a business without even using company valuation tools necessary, then you’ll probably need to back pedal a little bit and make sure that all the following things are in order.

Buy the Assets, not the Business
What does this mean? Basically, don’t just buy stock in a business. If a seller is an LLC or a corporation, that is something that they will probably offer. Don’t fall for it. Instead, buy the assets of the business so that you can make your own company. The main reason for this is so if the seller owes anyone money or is being sued for something, you

FAQs Regarding Business Valuations

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Small business valuation software

They say the best things in life you just can’t put a price on. You might feel like your small business is one of the best things in life, but you really should put a price on it. There are a variety of reason you might need small business valuation software to appraise your business. Your small business valuation software will help you determine the value of your business when you are offering equity in exchange for capital to grow your business. You’d use small business valuation software to figure out the earning power of your business, if you were selling the whole operation to another person who would continue running it. If you decided to liquidate your business and leave the industry, your small business valuation software wo