Taking Advantage of Current Real Estate Opportunities

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    Real estate

    If you have been listening to people talking about real estate lately, it seems most people have a negative outlook towards the current real estate market. Do not be fooled by all the doom and gloom people are talking about in the real estate market. Since the housing collapse of 2008, new opportunities have come on the scene. In fact, you can find opportunities in the commercial real estate market that may surprise you. People are flipping both residential and commercial property for the sole purpose of turning a profit. Douglas fleit, one of the cofounders of American Real Estate Partners, will help you find current opportunities in the real estate market.

    With more than 35 years of experience in commercial real estate, Douglas Fleit knows how to find current real estate opportunities. Douglas E. Fleit has experience with leasing, sales, development and acquisitions. American Real Estate Partners, which is an investment firm, came on the scene back in 2010. The purpose of this investment firm is to bring combined experienced and knowledge to discover real estate opportunities, even during tough economic times. Since Douglas Fleit gained leadership of American Real Estate Partners, more than 4 million square feet of quality real estate has come under ownership of the investment firm.

    Douglas Fleit, together with Brian Katz, produced almost 2 billion dollars of office assets, spanning throughout the Mid Atlantic region. If you are currently looking for commercial real estate opportunities, or would like to see what your options are for leasing office space, Douglas Fleit can point you in the right direction. The professional team at American Real Estate Partners has a mission to capitalize on the current real estate opportunities that exist in the markets today. Be sure to make an appointment to find out more information about high quality commercial real estate. You can read reviews and testimonials about Douglas E Fleit online to gain more information.

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