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    Many Sources of Loans for Buying Real Estate

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    Hard money mortgage lenders

    When you are borrowing money to buy real estate, it is different than almost every other category because you are securing the loan with property. Real estate secured lending is a type of lending that offers lower interest rates and longer payback terms, all because you have the piece of property securing the loan, which reduces the lender’s risk.

    As of the spring of 2016, the average price to buy a home in the U.S. was $186,000. Since the vast majority of people don’t have that kind of money sitting around in the bank, they have to borrow money to make a purchase. Most people do not have the income required to be able to borrow almost $200,000 just on their good name, but when they are buying a home, the house acts as collateral to secure the home. The lender knows that if the borrower can’t

    How to Improve Business Value

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    business valuation tools

    When looking to sell your business, you first need to figure out your company valuation so you know what is fair when it comes to a price. You can determine the value of your business using these three approaches: by comparison to recent sales of similar businesses; based on the business’ earning power and risk assessment; or based on the company’s assets.

    The use of business valuation tools is also essential. The two key starting points toward establishing your business worth with business valuation tools are determining why you need business valuation, and assembling all the required information. To do a proper job of valuing a small business, you should have three to five years’ worth of historic income statements and balance sheets available, which also shows perspective buyers that you have been running a tight ship henceforth.

    Some businesses, upon enlisting a business valuation service, are very surprised to find that their business is valued lower than they would have expected it to be. However, this is in some ways good news, because if your business’s valuation wasn’t a number that you are happy with, you can either take steps to increase it prior to a sale or make another important financial move, like a merger or transition.

    By using the earnings multiplier valuation method and documenting several years’ worth of profits and other positive cash flow, you can substantially drive up the value of your company, especially because your prospective buyers see proven profitability and future earnings potential as the most attractive traits of a business.

    Another good strategy that can be used to improve business value is basic organization. By carefully maintaining financial records, documenting employee policies, and maintaining a safe and clean facility, you will automatically make your business seem streamlined and ready for someone else to take the helm.

    Seller financing could also have a large impact on improving value, since it creates a greater incentive for buyers, especially in particularly tight credit markets. In a tough lending environment, seller financing has, in many ways, become an essential tool for completing many sales.

    In the end, the truth of the matter is that business leaders who are seeking to improve the value of their businesses should enlist in the help of a professional business appraiser, one who really understands how much your business is worth and how to raise those numbers. canada goose sale canada goose sale canada goose sale

    Dave and the Trouble With Structured Annuity Payments

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    Selling an annuity settlement

    This is the story of Dave. Who’s Dave, you ask? Dave is an imaginary person, completely made up. But some (or all) of his story might sound familiar to you.

    Dave graduated from a good state college with a pretty good degree and a decent enough GPA, but he had to take out a lot of loans to get it done. His total college career cost him almost $40,000. And even with loans, he had to work during the majority of college. But he kept his nose to the grindstone, studied his ears off, and got that piece of paper that said he was ready to head out into the real world and find his fortune.

    Trouble was, Dave’s fortune was a little harder to find than he’d been led to believe it would be. He knew there would be lean times and financial challenges, but he wasn’t quite prepared for the way that fin

    Hard Money Loans What They Are and When to Use Them

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    Hard money lenders

    Hard money loans are a type of asset-based loan sometimes referred to as short-term bridge loans. Since they lean on the property of the borrower as opposed to his or her credit, these hard money loans are popular among house flippers and developers. They aren’t the only ones who can benefit from hard money loans, however. Read on to determine if a hard money loan is right for you.

    How does a hard money loan work

    Through a hard money loan, a private individual or group of individuals serves as a hard money lender. This lender will provide short-term financing based on the value of the property or assets you’re willing to provide as collateral. For house flippers and developers, this property is often the building or land they’re planning to develop and sell. Almost any type of property can be us