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    Yes, You Still Need a Checking Account Today Here’s Why

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    If you’ve got a job, or have money coming in, you need a checking account. For many people, they first enter the world of finance as a teenager, by choosing a bank (often one where their parents bank) and opening a checking account. It gives them a safe place to store their money, a measure of independence, and a feeling of responsibility. Plus, it cultivates good habits and introduces them to the idea of budgeting and tracking their expenses. Your first bank might be a community bank, which account for 99.5% of all banks in the United States in and over 600 counties, those are the only banking locations that have a physical presence. Let’s discuss other reasons why a checking account is so important, what you need to do to open one, and what kind of bank you should look at (if you have the option).

    Why Do I Need a Checking Account?
    Any adult needs a checking account. It’s likely w