5186114_20140424_7170850Money is not easy to save when we are having to pay for food (i.e. groceries and eating out costs), shelter (i.e. mortgages or rent), clothing (i.e. a winter coat), and transportation (i.e. subway/metro fare, and/or a car and gas for the car). Likewise, if you have children, you already know that the amount of money in your bank account or savings account might not be as much as you’d like it to be right now. Believe me, I know, I am the father of two children that are under the age of four. My name is Corey Brown, and my goal is to educate you on what you can do to take control of your finances. I am passionate about finance and saving money! I took many finance and accounting classes in college, which inspired me to start this blog. I constantly watch videos and T.V. shows about business and finance. Also, I enjoy reading articles about finance that I find online, in newspapers, and in financial magazines. Many people, including myself, refer to The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg for financial information in the United States. There are so many different resources that you can utilize in order to find ways to take control of your financial future, and you are missing out if you don’t use any of these resources. You should follow my website to find finance tips, news, and videos that can assist you on your journey to an auspicious financial future for you and your family. nike thea schwarz nike thea schwarz nike thea schwarz

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