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    Three Services Payment Processing Companies Can Provide for Small Businesses

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    Mobile phone payments

    Retail businesses that are in the process of starting up have a lot to worry about before they can launch a grand opening. In addition to ordering and stocking the right number of products, they also need to ensure that they are able to take customer payments in a simple and secure manner. For this service, they must turn to payment processing companies that offer point of sale solutions and secure merchant services.

    Just what does payment processing do for businesses? This service helps retail establishments and other industries to accept credit cards and debit cards from customers as forms of payment. Here are three services you should expect

    Pennsylvania Company Claims They Overcharged the US Government Due to Accounting Errors

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    For most individuals and businesses, bookkeeping and accounting services are a natural part of daily life, helping with everything from taxes and record keeping to financial planning. Because of this, many may not consider what could happen if something with our accounting and finance process went awry. Unfortunately, a company in Pennsylvania seems to have learned the answer to that question: the manufacturer has been accused of mischarging and overbilling the U.S. Army, problems the company claims are related to errors in its accounting and bookkeeping services.

    The Silicon Power Corporation recently agreed to pay the U.S. Army $265,000 to resolve allegations of mischarging and overbilling. Between