Three Things To Look For in a CFO, CFOO, or Finance Executive Candidate

Finding the perfect candidates for financial management jobs is not an easy task, especially if your company is looking for executive finance managers, like CFOs (chief financial officers), for the first time. Chief financial officers, often referred to as chief financial and operating officers, can be incredibly beneficial for companies — but only when the […]

Thinking About Hiring a CFO for Your Small Business? Consider These Two Important Factors First

Deciding to create additional executive corporate finance positions — or even just one position, for that matter — is a huge decision for a small business to make. Bringing in a CFO (chief financial officer) for the first time can be a major , positive milestone, and it can also be a little scary and […]

You Should Hire An Accountant for Your Business

Handing the accounting responsibilities for a company can be very difficult, especially if math isn’t exactly your forte. Fortunately, there are accounting services that are happy to make this job easier on you. They will handle all the accounting needs for your business, allowing you to focus on the things that are more important, and […]

Cash Management Systems Because Your Money Isn’t Going to Count Itself

As any business owner will attest to, managing your business’s finances includes more than just calculations and spreadsheets on paper. It includes actually counting and verifying the money. Property counting, stacking, and verifying money is an overlooked yet essential component of any business, and there are a variety of cash management systems at a business’s […]

The Basics of CFOs

A chief financial officer — commonly referred to as a “CFO” — may not have been one of the most essential financial management jobs in the corporate world a few decades ago, but these days, CFOs are becoming some of the most important executives in the most successful companies. If you’re a bit unsure why […]

Five Reason to Hire an Accountant

Regardless of whether you’re just an individual looking for some bookkeeping and accounting help with your budget or a business with larger financial concerns, hiring accounting services is a smart move. One of the most important aspects of managing your money involves knowing how to file taxes properly, and an accountant can relieve you of […]

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