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    5 Myths about Selling Gold

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    Top gold buyers

    Anyone who is interesting in learning more about selling gold should make sure they learn the basics of how to buy and sell gold before they try to make a sale. Gold buying is a fun hobby for lots of people, and sometimes it is even a lucrative business. It’s not always easy to sell your gold though, because you have to understand how to value different pieces of jewelry and coins. If you’re interested in learning about how to buy and sell gold, here are some myths and facts about selling gold that everyone should understand.

    Myth #1: You’ll probably get ripped off if you sell gold. False. Although this i

    Three Ways To Boost Your Potential As A Candidate For A Financial Career

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    Corporate finance positions

    The Canadian economy and job market is tenuous at best. For that reason, Canadians everywhere reasonably want to get the best possible jobs — with the highest possible rates of pay. Careers in banking and finance offer financial stability, and even ample opportunities for advancement. For those aspiring toward jobs in accounting and jobs in financial services, here a few tips to get a foot in the door.

    Seize Opportunities As Soon As You Can

    Although nearly all corporate finance careers require at least some higher education, aspiring accountants and chief financial officers (CFOs) should not use these years as a precursor or break from real life. Those aspiring to climb up the ladder in finance careers and Continue Reading No Comments

    Corporate Finance Salaries by the Numbers

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    Finance careers

    When it comes to corporate finance positions, the job names and requirements can seem pretty confusing (especially for companies that don’t yet have employees to handle financial tasks). But as small companies grow into large businesses, they tend to find out that it’s absolutely essential to find the right finance employees to handle all the numbers.

    If you’re running a business and you find yourself looking for financial analysts and managers, but you don’t really know what you’ll have to plan for, here’s just one aspect to take into consideration: the salaries.

    Financial analysts in Canada usually make a salary of about $55,192 per year. As far as corporate Continue Reading No Comments

    Managing Your Money Why You Should Hire an Accountant

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    Accounting services

    For many people, math is akin to a foreign language. For those who struggle in the realm of mathematics, managing finances — at personal or professional levels — can be incredibly stressful and time consuming.

    Without knowing how to effectively budget or set financial goals, it is very easy for some people to start mismanaging their money and potentially falling into debt. Research shows that adults willfully admit that they would like help with their finances. Studies show that 60% of adults stated the belief that establishing more financial goals would help them out and 12% of adults admitted that creating and following a budget would help to improve their current financial situation.

    If you find yourself often wishing you had someone to help you figure out your finances, it may be a great time to lo