Three Ways To Boost Your Potential As A Candidate For A Financial Career

Corporate finance positions

The Canadian economy and job market is tenuous at best. For that reason, Canadians everywhere reasonably want to get the best possible jobs — with the highest possible rates of pay. Careers in banking and finance offer financial stability, and even ample opportunities for advancement. For those aspiring toward jobs in accounting and jobs in financial services, here a few tips to get a foot in the door.

Seize Opportunities As Soon As You Can

Although nearly all corporate finance careers require at least some higher education, aspiring accountants and chief financial officers (CFOs) should not use these years as a precursor or break from real life. Those aspiring to climb up the ladder in finance careers and accounting jobs should take part in internships, or get a relevant, part-time job, if possible. Experience will give candidates an edge up, no matter what job they’re ultimately applying for.

Build A Strong Network

Canadian accountants in management roles can make a more than comfortable salary, with some ranging from $77,000 and $101,500 a year! Oftentimes, getting a job anywhere — in any facet of financial careers — is about who you know. Even if you are struggling to break into finance careers, continue going to job conferences, finance events, and more. Be active in related online communities. Build a strong network. This will expose you to as many job opportunities as possible — and many more than someone who does not network.

Think Outside Of The Box

Some of the top accounting jobs and financial careers entail a lot of responsibility. CFOs, for example, manage all aspects of company finances. They take an active role in investment opportunities, drafting financial reports, and making long-term plans and setting long-term goals for their business or institution. Showing that you can do this better — and take an entirely unique approach when compared to your peers — will give you the “extra something” you may need to land the job.

Financial careers are among the most stable and reliable of all Canadian jobs, especially right now. And it’s more than possible to break into a financial career by seizing any and all opportunities, building a strong network, and approaching financial problems and opportunities with as much creativity and dedication as possible.

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