Corporate Finance Salaries by the Numbers

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When it comes to corporate finance positions, the job names and requirements can seem pretty confusing (especially for companies that don’t yet have employees to handle financial tasks). But as small companies grow into large businesses, they tend to find out that it’s absolutely essential to find the right finance employees to handle all the numbers.

If you’re running a business and you find yourself looking for financial analysts and managers, but you don’t really know what you’ll have to plan for, here’s just one aspect to take into consideration: the salaries.

Financial analysts in Canada usually make a salary of about $55,192 per year. As far as corporate finance careers go, this salary definitely isn’t the highest — but as far as careers in general go, it’s a fairly decent salary and the job is fairly stable.

A finance manager tends to earn a bit more than regular financial analysts, and the average salary in Canada for financial management jobs is $76,205 per year. It’s quite a big difference in the salary, but it’s important to keep in mind that financial managers take care of finance tasks beyond basic bookkeeping; they record the company’s finances at all times, but they also figure out ways to cut costs while maximizing profits in the future, and they provide a valuable middleground for management teams and regular employees to work together.

Auditors and financial executive management jobs are at the higher end of the payroll; in Canada, it’s common for people with these corporate finance careers to make a salary between $77,000 and $101,500 per year. Of course, there are plenty of additional responsibilities that accompany these positions, and anyone with a salary on the higher end of this spectrum will likely have quite a few years of experience in corporate finance, and will be working with a major corporation.

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