Cash Management Systems Because Your Money Isn’t Going to Count Itself

Cheque or check

As any business owner will attest to, managing your business’s finances includes more than just calculations and spreadsheets on paper. It includes actually counting and verifying the money. Property counting, stacking, and verifying money is an overlooked yet essential component of any business, and there are a variety of cash management systems at a business’s disposal.

One cash management solution would be to get a currency-counting machine. A currency-counting machine is simply an automated machine that counts money — both bills and coins. Automated currency-counting machines were first introduced in Great Britain in 1980 and have been a popular asset for businesses since. Money counter machines ensure cash transaction accuracy by 100%. Currency counter machines are also very efficient, saving businesses and employees considerable time and effort in counting and arranging cash transactions.

Another useful feature of cash management systems like currency machines is currency verification, i.e. verifying the authenticity of received bills and coins. Counterfeiting money is one of the oldest forms of fraud in human history. Particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries, when banks would issue their own currency and inundated the market with various bank notes, counterfeited money is a serious problem for businesses, banks, governments, and of course the consumer. In fact, the U.S. Secret Service was created in 1865 with the specific goal of investigating counterfeiters. Though times have changed and currency, for the most part, has become uniform, counterfeit money is still a serious problem in the financial world.

For this reason, cash management systems are needed now more than ever to assure your business and your clients that your money is authentic, organized, and secured. From coin counters you can find in many supermarkets to automated scanners that can digitally detect a bill’s authenticity, cash management systems can offer your business peace of mind and, perhaps more importantly, more time to make more money!

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