Is Your Business Looking for a New Retail Cash Management System?

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Let’s face it. Money counting skills are difficult to come by these days. In fact, businesses that have to find employees who know how to accurately count back change often have a near impossible times filling these positions. When you add in the fact that jobs that require money counting skills are some of the lowest paying positions you also limit the number of people who will apply in the first place. Since these low paying jobs are often filled by the youngest employees who have the least amount of experience with counting coins and cash, some businesses are looking at coins counting machines to help fill in the gap.
Left to focus on customer service, employees who have access to coins counting machines do not need training in a skill that is infrequently used. A coin sorter and counter machine, in fact, can help businesses completely erase the need for a skill that is rarely mastered by employees of any age.
Are Cash Counting Skills Keeping Your Business from Finding the Best Employees?
When businesses have to deal with cash, accuracy is essential. If a business cannot find employees with these skills, one option is to switch to a coins counting machine platform. Instead of spending expensive hours training employees in money counting and change making, businesses that use coins counting machines can focus on training their employees in customer satisfaction, inventory control, and other important skills.
Cash management systems allow businesses to quit spending time on a skill that is rarely used and instead spend time on skills that will always be important, being knowledgeable about the product and answering customer questions and concerns.
Cash Recycling Machines Help Improve Accuracy and Efficiency
A cash recycling machine not only correctly identifies payments and calculates change, it also reuses the coins and currency that is collected during the day. While recycling the coins and paper currency, these cash recycling machines can also batch and wrap large amounts of bills when necessary. Additionally, check scanners allow businesses to scan and electronically deposit checks throughout business hours., not having to wait until closing.
Having an hour by hour record of payments during a retail business day can also help business owners more accurately predict the number of employees needed during any given hour of the day. Accurate cash handling is a skill that is time consuming when done by hand. In fact, most cash counting by hand has to be done by two people. Single person counting is more susceptible to theft. Adding a second person, therefore, creates more trust and confidence. Paying for two people to do complete the already time consuming job of counting cash adds to the expense of staffing.
The fact that counting bills by hand is time consuming and often has to be completed two or three times to make sure the numbers are correct to compensate any human error is reason enough to invest in a coins counting machine. The switch, however, also has other benefits.
Cash Counting Machines Can Help Businesses Scan for Counterfeit Bills, Coins, and Cheques
Did you know that money counterfeiting is one of the oldest crimes in history? In fact, it was a serious problem as far back as the 19th century when bags first began issuing their own currency. As a result, counterfeiting experts continue to look for ways to help money handlers spot counterfeit money and cheques.
And while some counterfeit detecting methods can be taught, a better approach is to use the software in a cash counting machine to detect counterfeit bills and cheques. When new methods of counterfeiting are discovered, the software in the counting machine can be instantly updated. Rejecting counterfeit money can help businesses increase profits and decrease losses.
The major reason businesses and companies use money counters is because of the time that these machines can save. Cash counting machines also, however, serve other purposes. They can make money work virtually error free, as well as eliminating the temptation for theft and the problem of counterfeiting. When a business makes the decision to use a cash counting machine they make the decision to let their employees focus on the customer and the products that are being offered, not money.

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