Are You Interested in Becoming a Real Estate Investor?

These appear to be uncertain times. As individual families, businesses, investors, and politicians attempt to figure out what will happen as the unexpected results of the 2016 Presidential election, many things seem uncertain. It is in the uncertain times, however, that successful investors do their research and make their moves. In a time when many […]

Commercial Real Estate The Best Time To Invest Is Always Now

Commercial real estate is defined as space that is used exclusively for business purposes. In 2012, the total value of such property in the United States was estimated to be more than 12 trillion dollars. The holdings of the Real Estate Investment Trust for hotels and motels alone totals about $8.7 billion. If you’re considering […]

3 Factors Commercial Real Estate Developers Value Most

Whether they own hundreds of different properties, or just one single location commercial real estate developers are all looking for the same thing when they go hunting for a new project; a place they can turn a profit from. There are of course many factors that go into the selection of potentially profitable commercial real […]

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