What to Do Before Buying Out a Business

If you are looking into buying a business for the first time or are looking to make an offer on one then there are several things that you need to do and be aware of before you close the deal. If you’ve already made an offer on a business without even using company valuation tools […]

To Sell Your Business, You Must First Set a Value

For many business owners, their only exit strategy is a sale of the company, either because they have no heirs or they don’t have employees who can take over the business. A business owner getting out of the business is going to want to get as much as possible for the business, which is why […]

Valuation Market Approach Is One Way to Determine the Selling Price of a Business

How many businesses have you started? How many businesses have you sold? If you are an investor who has bought, started, and sold many businesses, you likely understand the process of determining the value of any company. Approximately 543,000 new businesses are opened every month. In contrast, just as many employer businesses shut down than […]

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