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If you’re an accountant, CFO, COO, controller, or any other type of individual who’s work centers around asset protection, loss prevention, security and other cash management solutions, coin counter and sorter machines might be the solution to your problems. Believe it or not, the demand for coin counter and sorter machines is growing as more and more companies begin to look for ways to streamline their operations and decrease risks. Other types of scanners also exist, like cheque scanners, that make things more convenient for customers because they allow people to scan and make check deposits throughout the entire day.

Why are coin counter and sorter machines so popular
? It’s simple. Cash counting machines allow businesses to maintain 100% accuracy where cash transactions are concerned. They count money, whether it’s stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins. Because the machines can identify the type of bills or notes being inserted instead of just how many, they even allow for cash deposits without envelopes. Additionally, many companies use the machines because they save time and streamline their overall business. After all, counting notes and bills by hand is time-consuming and is typically done two or three times to eliminate human error and ensure accuracy. Often times, this time-consuming process might even be completed by more than one person. That’s a lot of time wasted that can be saved with an efficient, accurate currency counter and sorter machine.

As an added bonus, an electric cash counter machine also pulls double duty as a counterfeit detector machine because they are great at detecting counterfeit notes and bills. This is an important feature when you consider the fact that money counterfeiting is one of Canada’s oldest crimes, particularly during the 19th century when banks issued their own currency. It became such a large problem that an entirely new organization, the Secret Service, was created on July 5, 1865, to minimize the counterfeiting crisis.

Are you new to cash counting machines? Not sure where to start? Fortunately, because the demand for electronic counters is on the rise, you can rest assured that there will always be a team of professionals available to offer support whenever you need it. Whether you need help with processing cheques, cash, or coins, there are many resources out there to help. So if you’re business or company is experience problems with asset protection, loss prevention, or security, consider getting a coin counter and sorter machine to take the hassle out of doing business.

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