How The American Real Estate Market Is Changing

Commercial real estate companies

It’s time to start looking at your real estate notes. With the country currently going through multiple economic and social upheavals, the last thing you want is to be caught falling behind the times. More and more Americans are starting to turn to commercial real estate companies to help them with difficult decisions, such as choosing which house to buy or the benefits of renting a condominium. Commercial real estate companies need to be conscientious and flexible enough to meet the demands of a growing client base while also following market trends and limitations.

Industry’s Ups And Downs

As of now, the strongest CRE sectors are both multifamily and industrial. This is partially, though not entirely, due to shifts in the working-class as well as growing views on substantial living situations. The U.S. apartment sector absorbed over 125,000 rental units back in 2012 — this has been monumental, easily eclipsing the pre-recession annual average of only 45,000 units. Compare these numbers to national apartment vacancy, lower than it has ever been at a meager 4.8% that is still shrinking by the day. Commercial real estate companies have little to fear when it comes to filling out apartment complexes around the country.

Current State Of The Market

American commercial property values have increased by 42% after the post-crash trough back in 2009, thanks to ongoing studies by the Moody’s REAL Commercial Property Price Indices. Although there are fears that the housing market will see less and less buyers as people shift to renting, there is little data to support these claims. Indeed, many families and couples alike are actively searching for places to settle down, raise their children and bolster their career fields.

Frequently Purchased Options

Apartment complexes are in no danger of shrinking anytime soon. The types of commercial building transactions most frequently handled by REALTORS include, but are not limited to — office buildings, retail space, warehouses, studio space and lodging. These all accounted for at least 48 billion square feet of space back in 2015 and are seeing a recent resurgence thanks to the demand of entrepreneurs, individuals and families alike. Last, but not least, condominiums are still extremely popular, with beachfront properties regularly making for common destinations.

Common Sizes And Spaces

While it can be tempting to ‘go big or go home’, the reality is that successful commercial real estate companies keep the customer’s options as varied as possible. From what we’re seeing in the market, a retail store for rent is more likely to be picked up if it’s small rather than large. Around 70% of commercial buildings are on the smaller side — less than 10,000 square feet in size are regularly priced (and well valued) at $2.5 million. These buildings are particularly coveted for their frequency by people on ‘Main Street’ or ‘downtown’ compared to larger and more isolated building centers. If you’re interested in becoming more attuned with commercial real estate, now has never been a better time to get your feet wet.

Using Real Estate Notes For Sale

Commercial real estate companies are facing quite a lot of demand as of recent years. Apartment complexes are being sold out, beachfront properties are actively sought after and many families greatly desire a quality home where they can live comfortably and securely. As we’ve seen above, the most popular spaces are highly compact and flexible enough for people to use however they see fit. From small businessowners to artists to investors, commercial real estate companies are the gift that keep on giving. Keep these notes in mind when talking with investors or helping out families and success will only naturally follow suit.

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