How to Find the Best Mortgage

This video discusses one of the major red flags when it comes to looking for a lender for a mortgage. The creator of this video was made aware of a lender on YouTube that is offering the lowest rate for a mortgage.

The lender claims they can provide the lowest rate but the lender cannot lock in a rate.

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The lender wants documents. No matter how many documents you provide, they are not enough, the lender continues to ask for more documents.

The lender has a con where they give you excuses as to why you cannot be quailed for their low rate and continue to ask for documentation. The lender forces you to do the research yourself to find the lowest rate. The lender claims that they got you the lowest rate when you really did all the work.

When you interact with a lender, they should be able to lock into a rate for you immediately. If a lender cannot do that, you should find another more reputable lender that is not running a con job.

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