Looking for Ready Cash? Selling an Annuity Settlement Can Bring You Financial Freedom

Sell my annuity

Are you currently faced with a situation in life where the lack of funds or a financial setback is preventing you from carrying out your dreams? Financial problems can crop up at any point of time, and their most immediate impact on people usually is a mix of hopelessness and despair. Mounting debt or failure to keep up a strong credit score might even stop you from being approved for conventional loans, and whatever you had planned out might come crashing down. However, if you are currently receiving yearly payments from an annuity settlement from a lawsuit award or a lottery victory, there is a way you can change your fortunes quickly and easily.

A structured settlement annuity, the mode of payment in most lawsuit awards and lottery wins, works in a particular way. In this scheme, the total money due to you does not reach you all at once, but instead gets paid in yearly increments. Every year, the amount increases slightly till you receive the entire amount that you were awarded. This can be a viable option for some people indeed, as it enables people to manage their finances around these payments, and gives them the option to look forward to guaranteed payments every year till a point of time. However, if you are in a situation where you need all your cash in one go, this kind of system might not work out for you.

The purpose of an annuity settlement is to ensure that the flow of funds remains consistent over time, and not to provide the entire amount at one go. But, when the situation warrants the opposite, you have a strong option to go for — opting to sell your annuity payments. Selling your structured settlement is basically handing it over to a company specializing in their purchase, and in return you can get all your money upfront. This kind of deal can be carried out with the right company, takes very little time to process, and can be the answer to your problems if done correctly and smartly.

Selling an Annuity Settlement for Upfront Cash

The process of selling your annuity settlement can take place whenever you want, at any stage of the annuity. All you need to do is find out a few companies that specialize in the purchase of structured settlements, and select the one that offers the best deal. You can sell your annuity, fill out some simple paperwork, and in the span of very little time, get the cash you need in hand. This is a great way to make your annuity dues work to your advantage, especially when you have a pressing situation at hand which warrants the presence of liquid cash.

There are so many things that you can accomplish with the cash you get after selling your annuity payments. This money can easily be used as seed money to start a business, and if you have had ambitions to be a business owner and the rudiments of that perfect business plan in mind, this can well be the time to launch your business and to begin the journey towards success. If you have had the wish to purchase your own car to make those daily commutes so much easier, or to lay down the initial payment on your own home, this is a great way to arrange for the money. You can even use this to further your education and get a specialized, job-oriented degree, making the money work for the furtherance of your career.

In addition, selling your annuity payments is one of the few ways to reduce debt. If you have been in debt for a while and your credit score has taken a hit as a result, you can easily opt to sell your structured settlement and use the money to pay off your debts and start to repair your credit rating. Overall, the process of selling annuity payments can be extremely beneficial in a lot of scenarios, and if you are currently in one of them, it might well be the right time to explore this option for ready cash in hand.

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