Three Steps Towards Better Financial Health

At some point, everyone takes a good long look at their finances and either feels comfortable, or starts biting their nails. Despite all of our stressing and best intentions, Americans have a lot of trouble responsibly managing their finances. Only 18% of Americans believe they will have enough money to retire, and 40% are not […]

Your First House Might Be Bank Owned

Foreclosure home buying is on the march. Real estate owned property, also known as REO, has become a typical part of the world that kids are growing up in and, for better or worse, they are selling a lot of property as more and more people end up foreclosing. Bulk reo packages are not fun […]

Great Investments for Any Level Investor

Updated 4/25/22 When you invest your money in business, you can get a higher return on your investment than if you had just put the money in a savings account. The most common investments are stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. But it is important to get advice from a financial planner to make sure you […]

How to Buy a REO Property

In the wake of the housing market crisis in the past decade, there is an abundance of REO property, also known as real estate owned property. These are houses which have been foreclosed upon by the bank because the owner has not paid monthly mortgage payments. Buying a forclosed home can actually have its benefits. […]

Take Control of Your Finances with These Four TIps

Not surprisingly, Ideas for Saving Money turns up 164 million results in a Google search. Saving money is important to everyone, whether they are looking at their personal life or company expenditures. A surprising number of Americans do not understand basic financial concepts that affect their everyday life, and this can affect their ability to […]