The Truth About Your Local Pharmacy

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Big chain pharmacies seem to be popping up all over the country these days, and it’s easy to assume that these pharmacies would be more convenient than smaller independent pharmacies — after all, what could be so bad about a place where you can pick up some milk, office supplies, cleaning products, and your prescriptions in one fell swoop? These pharmacy giants seem to be running the smaller, local shops right out of business faster than anyone can keep track of.

But the truth is, these big pharmacies really aren’t that great. Sure, there’s a certain level of convenience present when you can pick up groceries, new clothes, and prescriptions all at once. But when it comes to prescription drugs, convenience shouldn’t be the top priority. Quality is what really matters in this industry.

And that’s where local pharmacies are really light years ahead of the chain stores. Smaller pharmacies tend to be more knowledgeable about the products they stock (even if they don’t stock as many varieties or brands), and they can give better personalized recommendations to their customers. They know that “health” isn’t reliant on or synonymous with “prescription medicine,” and rather than acting like mechanical pill dispensaries, these pharmacies are concerned with helping their patients have happier and healthier lifestyles overall. When customers choose to visit their local pharmacy instead of the chain store in the next town over, they’re choosing to support a business that provides jobs for their community and is truly dedicated to giving back.

The problem is, smaller pharmacies can easily be overpowered by bigger stores. One way that many local pharmacies have been able to get ahead is by updating their POS system to one of the newer retail pharmacy POS systems on the market today which are specifically geared toward independent businesses. These specialized pharmacy POS systems are capable of handling basic POS functions, while also giving pharmacists some extra assistance with the prescription drug aspect of their business.

And best of all — because these systems have been designed specifically for independent pharmacies, they’re incredibly affordable and have been designed with quality in mind.

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