A Smart Pharmacy’s Secret Weapon A Mobile POS System

Mobile pharmacy point of sale

Slowly but surely, mobile POS systems have become the preferred choice for small businesses across the country, no matter what services or products they sell. It isn’t surprising that POS systems began to be more mobile-friendly, when you think about it, because we’re already so accustomed to using mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to keep our lives organized these days.

As consumers, we’ve become comfortable with mobile retail POS systems in nearly every industry, except for one: the pharmaceutical industry. But not to worry — we’re pretty sure that this trend is about to take a complete 180. Why, you ask?

First, security concerns tend to be the number one reason why small business owners stay away from relying on too many digital devices for business needs. A huge corporation can take out insurance policies for security breaches that are worth millions of dollars, the argument goes, but small businesses can’t afford to do that, and they can’t afford to deal with any kind of security breach that could turn away customers.

Second, as the argument continues, there’s no way a handheld device possesses as many features as a traditional cash register. How can the processing software be just as powerful when there’s clearly much less physical space for it?

Here’s the thing: researchers have been developing POS systems for retail markets, including specific systems for pharmacies, and the mobile POS industry is at a point now where neither security nor processing capabilities are an issue. Mobile pharmacy POS systems come with every single security feature that a traditional POS system would have, and it’s very easy for developers to create and send out new software updates for these devices.

Swiping a credit card on a mobile POS device is just as safe as using a normal register. Collecting signatures for prescription medication transactions takes just a few seconds with the electronic signature capturing software that most mobile POS systems have.

Are we suggesting that you try turning your iPhone into a point-of-sale system for your pharmacy? Not exactly. But we are suggesting that you do some research about mobile POS the next time you’re ready to replace your pharmacy’s old software. It could just be the one update you make that puts your business on the fast track to success!

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