The Secret for Independent Pharmacy Success

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If you own an independent pharmacy and you’ve been thinking that it’s time to update your POS system, there’s a new trend catching on in the industry, and it might sound like too much of a change for one small business, but it’s definitely an investment that will make your pharmacy better able to compete with the big guys.

We’re talking about mobile pharmacy POS systems. It probably isn’t much of a surprise that POS software is turning mobile, considering how much we rely on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets these days. But you may be surprised by how much a mobile POS system can benefit a small pharmacy.

First of all, it’s important to note that the operating systems and the software used on mobile POS devices isn’t any less efficient than traditional digital POS software. You still get quick transactions, regular software updates, and state-of-the-art security features that protect sensitive information (belonging to your pharmacy as well as your customers). The mobile devices used in a mobile POS system obviously don’t have cash drawers like traditional cash registers do, but they’re capable of processing other types of digital transactions and they often come equipped with signature capturing software — something that’s essential when making transactions involving prescription drugs.

Secondly, mobile POS systems take up much less space than traditional pharmacy POS systems, meaning that you can fill your store’s shelves with more in-demand products. We know that small pharmacies have a limited amount of space to work with, and it’s difficult to compete with large chain stores that have enough shelf space to offer multiple brand name items and multiple variations of the same item. Even the smallest amount of extra space can have a big impact for independent pharmacies, and that’s exactly what a newer mobile POS system will provide.

And last but not least, replacing your traditional POS system with a mobile system will allow your staff to spend less time standing at a counter behind a bulky cash register, and more time assisting customers in the aisles. It’s no secret that customers often prefer smaller pharmacies over chain stores simply because these local shops offer better customer service and personalized product recommendations. Allowing your staff opportunities to interact with customers face-to-face is something that already makes your pharmacy unique — and adding a mobile POS system will help your pharmacy be as successful as it can be.

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