Stop Spending So Much Money on Plumbing

You work hard for your money. Why should you spend more of it than you have to on plumbing. One of the main areas that people overpay in is the piping itself. If you are planning on replacing your piping and installing new piping, you need to see this video before talking with commercial plumbing services.

The first thing you need to know with piping is that price is not everything. CPVC piping may be the cheapest option.

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Yet, it does not have the durability that you need in the long term. In other words, lets measure value in dollars per year of its lifespan. Another option is copper. It lasts a really long time, but is expensive up front. It still doesn’t take the cake when measured in dollars per year of service. Finally, we have PEX piping. This piping can last as long as copper while costing as much as CPVC. Obviously, this piping will provide you the most value per dollar spent. That is why this piping will help save some of your hard earned money. You could even install this piping yourself for further savings.


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