The 3 Jobs Your Company Needs to Fill to Create a Strong Financial Base

Corporate controller duties

If you’re a business looking to build a strong financial foundation, there are several jobs in accounting you’ll need to fill, each requiring workers with specific personality traits and educational backgrounds. Company structures vary depending on size and individual needs, but here’s what you should generally be thinking of trying to fill in terms of financial management jobs:

  1. Certified Public Accountant

    A CPA is someone who has taken the necessary financial education and state licensing tests to keep books and do taxes. CPAs are focused, detail-oriented and excellent at retaining information (after all, knowing some minute aspect of the financial codes could save your company thousands or tens of thousands of dollars). Often, more advanced accounting jobs also require a CPA as a base.

  2. Corporate Controller

    If you’re asking yourself “What is a corporate controller?” you’re probably not alone. This position often doesn’t come into play for smaller businesses. The controller of a company oversees the company’s accounting department and financial transactions, and almost always has a background as a bookkeeper before being promoted into the controller position. The controller is also responsible for creating financial reports to keep senior management apprised of the company’s financial situation at all times.

  3. Chief Financial Officer

    The CFO job description may vary depending on company size, but generally tends toward more visionary, rather than accounting, types of work. While the controller is focused on the here-and-now, the CFO is focused on the future. The CFO is a partner to the chief operating officer, someone who can use financial data in order to sell the company’s direction to investors or potential investors. While a CFO must have a background in finance and an excellent head for numbers, he or she must also be personable and persuasive.

What other jobs in accounting are you looking to fill? Share your thoughts or ask questions in the comments section.

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