What is the Best Way to get Farm Loans?

This video details the various ways one can purchase farmland for their own. Many farmers dream of having their own land to work, or even want to expand the land they already have. Working the land to create food is a noble profession. And the family farm is the best way to get high quality food to people throughout the entire country. Of course, the first step to being able to establish an independent farm is to purchase land to work.

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That is where farm loans come in.

One way to purchase land is to save up your own money and apply for a FHA loan. That could require a down payment of 3.5% or more. Depending on the acreage you are looking at, that may not necessarily be the most realistic option. A good option comes through the Farm Service Agency. The Farm Service Agency is a brand of the USDA. The Farm Service Agency, or FSA, offers various types of low interest loans to farmers. Their intention is to encourage the small family farm and they will work with you to get a realistic plot of land at a price that will not bankrupt the farmer. Those looking for land to work should look at all their options, from the FSA to bank loans.


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