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    How To Easily Add Canadian Employees To The Payroll

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    Medical record scanning services

    When processing payroll in Canada, there are more that 190 regulatory legislative requirements. This can be difficult if you are a United States based company trying to pay Canadian staff members because the United States has different laws and regulations than Canada. This is why many companies are using outsourcing services.
    What is an outsourcing company?
    An outsourcing company provides payroll services for businesses. They send payments and do all the tax deductions on your payroll. This is extremely beneficial when your company’s employees are in different countries. The outsourcing company

    Financial Planning How An Advisor Can Help You

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    Did you know that one in five people have zero money saved by the time they reach retirement age? While we’re busy living our lives in the moment, it can be easy for us to forget about the future. The fact is that many Americans retire with plenty of life left to live, and the freedom of retirement can give you time to do things you never before considered. But it can be a lot harder to do what you really want when you don’t have to funds to accomplish your goals. That’s why many people turn to financial advisors — sooner rather than later. The sooner you begin working on your future, the better it will be. And a big part of that future is fina

    3 People Whose Lives Were Destroyed by the Lottery

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    Annuity and lump sum difference

    Hitting the jackpot means you have a big decision to make: do you take your winnings in a lottery lump sum payout or in a lottery annuity settlement? A lump sum is a good idea if you have big plans for the money — like starting a new business — while the annuity, which pays the sum in increasing lottery payments, can help you get more of your money by lowering the amount lost in taxes. Pick the wrong one, and you may be out of a lot of money that you could have used.

    Then again, even playing the lottery can be a bad

    What to Do When You Win The Lottery

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    Cash in structured settlement payments

    If you have been lucky enough to win the lottery, you know your life is about to change in a big way. There are so many decisions that come with receiving such a lot of money, all of a sudden. Not only will your life change, but the lives of those around you will also. Many choices lay before you, beginning with how exactly you want to receive your payments. A lump sum lottery payout can take months to get to you but you do have another option; something called an annuity settlement.

    A structured annuity settlement is, most simply, how you can receive your money faster. You can actually sell your lottery winnings and begin to receive payments annually or however

    Professional Canadian Payroll Services for US Businesses

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    Payroll services provider

    Canada is an attractive destination for U.S. and international companies seeking to expand. But to set up a local Canadian branch, you need a local Canadian partner. Employee payroll and human resources are very different in Canada than in the U.S., and it can be difficult for newcomers to handle all payroll processing services on their own.

    There’s much more to payroll processing than issuing checks. Partnering with Canadian business management services will ensure that your business is in compliance with all