Why You Need Your Cash Upfront — Three Reasons To Sell Your Structured Settlement

You’re giddy with excitement! You have just received a sizable settlement from a lawsuit or a lottery. You happily think of the credit card bills you will pay, the things you need that you can finally have, the chance to eliminate debt. But…your smile fades when you find out that the money you had been […]

How You Can Spend the Money After Selling Your Structured Settlement

Why exactly are so many people choosing to sell their structured settlements and get cash before settlement payments are sent out? There are plenty of reasons why people end up with a structured settlement but don’t exactly want to continue receiving payments through it — from winning a lottery annuity to receiving a settlement after […]

Commercial Real Estate The Best Time To Invest Is Always Now

Commercial real estate is defined as space that is used exclusively for business purposes. In 2012, the total value of such property in the United States was estimated to be more than 12 trillion dollars. The holdings of the Real Estate Investment Trust for hotels and motels alone totals about $8.7 billion. If you’re considering […]

Debt is a Problem With Many Households Get Cash for an Annuity Now

If you have cash bound up in an annuity, a settlement, a lottery winning that you won; then you probably want the cash from it sooner rather than later. When you need extra cash, you need the cash now. The average household’s credit cards balance is around $7,200, with 13 payment cards. This means that […]

Should You Sell Your Upcoming Structured Settlement Payments?

If you have found yourself in the middle of an ongoing investigation that will result in a settlement for you once it is all wrapped up, you will want to read on. We all know that when it rains, it pours so it should not really be that surprising if, of all the things that […]

Structured Settlement Versus Cash Right Away You Have A Choice

Have you considered selling your structured settlement? Perhaps you’re unaware that with an annuity, lottery winnings or legal award you have the option to receive a lump sum settlement instead of waiting for the funds to come in over time. Essentially, that means getting cash now instead of receiving payments. And there are things to […]

Selling Settlements and Annuity Payments — By the Numbers

If you’re thinking about selling your annuity or selling your structured settlement, you’re already on the right path for reaching a more flexible and stable financial future! Selling your annuity can be a good way to gain control over your money without paying ultra-high fees for early withdrawals, and the entire process is conducted safely […]

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