Why You Need Your Cash Upfront — Three Reasons To Sell Your Structured Settlement

Settlement cash

You’re giddy with excitement! You have just received a sizable settlement from a lawsuit or a lottery. You happily think of the credit card bills you will pay, the things you need that you can finally have, the chance to eliminate debt. But…your smile fades when you find out that the money you had been so overjoyed to receive will only reach you in a slow trickle over a period of as many as 20 years.You’re not alone — the average household earns around $600 in awards, but often sees as much as $200 of it unredeemed. And, 65% of people in an AIG survey stated that they would rather prefer a lump sum than structured payments. In order to get the cash for your settlement, one option is to sell.
Here’s why selling your structured settlement in order to get access to your settlement cash is the smartest option:

Most People Need the Cash Now
More than 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. They have an average of 13 credit cards, and things aren’t changing fast enough — household earning have only increased 2% in the past decade. A sizable lump sum could change all of that,and help you and your family to finally get ahead and meet your living expenses.

It’s Quicker…Way Quicker
It takes about only 45 days to receive the cash for a settlement after selling. Hows that for a change after what you thought would be years of waiting? One big boost could disqualify you from being one of the 67% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.

You Can Avoid Surrender Charges
In addition to getting your cash now, you can also avoid accruing surrender charges — and losing even more of your settlement. Let it collect interest in your bank account instead of surrender charges, which will take away from the grand total you need to make ends meet.

Do you feel that smile creeping back onto your face? It feels good to know that you can get cash for a settlement when you need it, doesn’t it? You could start a business, pay for college tuition, buy a car, travel to a dream destination, do things that seemed impossible before you got the cash for a settlement you deserved.

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