Three Reasons For Pre Settlement Loans

Pre settlement loan companies

The United States has a legal system which allows a person to seek financial renumerations for injury, giving people who have been hurt through no fault of their own a recourse to be reimbursed for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the legal system is often not cheap. Plaintiffs can be nearly certain of receiving a financial award, enough to cover bills for years, but desperate to survive during the case proceedings. In such cases, a lawyer might refer a client to a pre settlement loan company for assistance. When this happens, or when a plaintiff learns about such a company through ads or friends, a short-term loan based on the expected award gives some breathing room to see the case through. For those considering pre settlement loans, here are three reasons to stop considering and start calling.

  1. You Cannot Work: In cases where the injuries received, perhaps in a car accident or incident of medical malpractice, are so severe that work is simply not possible, a pre settlement loan company can help. This serves not only the only the obvious purpose of making sure a person has food and shelter, but also can be an aid to healing. It is widely acknowledged in the medical field that stress slows healing and makes complications more likely.
  2. You Have Tried Everything Else: Applying for a pre settlement loan is rarely a plaintiff’s first choice in how to handle worsening financial circumstances during their case, sometimes due to ignorance, others because of worry about pre settlement loan rates. First they drain any savings they have, then seek the assistance of family and friends, sometimes the government as well, before they take steps to receive this type of help. When there is no one else, do not hesitate to seek outside help.
  3. The Insurance Company is Trying to Under Pay: A company only concerned with the bottom dollar often will try to prevent an injured person from receiving all they deserve, and fighting back takes times. One of the pre settlement loan benefits is this tactic does not force a plaintiff to accept less than what they should receive because of financial pressures. Pre settlement loan funding can pay not only the lawyer but the rent, utilities and bills as well.

In such cases where the speed of the legal system is hurting a person’s finances, a pre settlement loan company can be of immediate assistance. If you need the help, instead of letting worry hurt your recovery, just seek out the assistance you need.

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