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    Is Snapchat Doing Fine? Yep, It’s The Number One Social Media Site for Teens

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    Last year, Snapchat surprised the world by turning down a $3 BILLION buyout from rival social network Facebook. This year, though, that decision might be looking to be a wise one. It?s one of the most popular social networking apps among millennials, ranking at number 3 when the offer was made — today, the app is now more popular among American teens than any other social network, period.

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    Snapchat has been downloaded about 60 million times, with 30 million monthly active users. About half of those monthly users will use Snapchat daily. In total, Snapchat facilitates about 400 million shared snaps every single day. It is now estimated that Snapchat?s worth is around $10 billion.

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