How to Improve Business Value

When looking to sell your business, you first need to figure out your company valuation so you know what is fair when it comes to a price. You can determine the value of your business using these three approaches: by comparison to recent sales of similar businesses; based on the business’ earning power and risk […]

Is Snapchat Doing Fine? Yep, It’s The Number One Social Media Site for Teens

Last year, Snapchat surprised the world by turning down a $3 BILLION buyout from rival social network Facebook. This year, though, that decision might be looking to be a wise one. It?s one of the most popular social networking apps among millennials, ranking at number 3 when the offer was made — today, the app […]

The Right Way to Start a New Business

Let’s say you are looking to start your own business. There’s no better feeling than being in business for yourself as a young, successful entrepreneur. It’s not as simple as nailing some planks together and writing “Lemonade Stand” on it. You have to deal with the bureaucracy of licensing, making sure to have proper capital […]

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