How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Calculate a Settlement?

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you can expect them to calculate a settlement that is proportional to the incident you went through, but how do they do it? The Youtube video “How Personal Injury Lawyers Calculate Settlement – Personal Injury Q&A” explains the process in detail so you can understand how they come up with an amount. Let’s find out more!

Aside from seeking compensation for any medical expense incurred after an injury, personal injury lawyers have to calculate the pain and suffering of their clients. However, that can be tricky because it’s hard to define what that means.

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Sometimes, it’s also referred to as general damage. For example, if the injury led to a complete life change, then the pain and suffering are greater, so the settlement should be greater.

There are two main areas of pain and suffering in this kind of law, and one has to do with actual physical pain due to injuries or trauma. The other is mental or emotional pain and suffering, as some situations can lead to depression, anxiety, etc.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about how a personal injury attorney comes up with a settlement.


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