Ways to Do the Detoxing Process on a Budget

Detox treatment is a healthy practice for those who want a healthier lifestyle. Although most people think detox treatments are expensive, there are ways to do them while on a budget. For this new Cityline video, learn how to do a detoxing process without emptying your bank account.

A Vegan Month

An optimal way to start your detoxing process is by going vegan for one month. It can be after December or a month with numerous festivities, as you’ll have plenty of toxins in your system that you might want to eliminate.

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Sauna and Yoga

A Sauna is affordable these days and will help you sweat out your toxins. Yoga complements the sauna process by aiding your spiritual aura and making you feel better about yourself.

Change Your Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated but avoid using plastic water bottles as they release a hormone-disrupting chemical. Buy a glass or metal water bottle and keep it with you at all times.

Detox treatments are a revolutionary way to protect our bodies and keep toxins out of our system. However, there are numerous ways to keep the detoxing process going without spending too much. Watch our video and find out more.


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