What Are the Dangers Of Outdated Pharmacy Software?

Pharmacy software

Too many Americans underestimate the importance of reliable pharmacy point of sale software and pharmacy training and registration policies. When it comes down to it, trustworthy pharmacy software and effective pharmacy training programs can be a matter of life and death — and, for one little girl in Ohio, it was. How did a series of errors in an Ohio hospital kill a young girl at just two years old?

Pharmacy Technician Jailed For Emily Jerry’s Death

When Emily Jerry was one and a half years old, doctors gave her parents some very sobering news. Emily had a tumor in her abdomen, and she would spend the next six months undergoing special treatment and chemotherapy. Emily responded incredibly well, and — in those six months — her tumor, once the size of a grapefruit, disappeared. The toddler did not, however, live. What happened?

Doctors called for just one more round of chemotherapy to make sure all of the cancer was out of Emily’s system. A pharmacy technician chose to prepare this bag by hand, and in doing so — and filling it with 23.4% sodium chloride solution (less than 1% was necessary!) — he killed Emily. The hospital also noted that an important electronic system failed the night before, which may have critically affected the pharmacy’s inventory.

Chris Jerry: U.S. Pharmacies Need To Make Changes

Emily’s father, Chris Jerry, continues to travel the U.S., campaigning for greater awareness and change. First and foremost, Jerry argues that pharmacies technicians in all counties and states should be registered (or, at the very least, have the thorough training that comes with registration). Jerry also advocates for efficient and up-to-date pharmacy software, including detailed POS systems and software that “provides real-time visibility into pharmacy inventory, so essential drugs and solutions can be monitored continuously,” according to Healthcare IT News.

Pharmacy regulations and policies are extremely important. Without reliable software and adequate training, patients’ lives may be in danger. References: Pharmacy pos software

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