What the Canadian Payroll Association Does For Your Business

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The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) recently hosted the 32nd Conference and Trade Show on June 17-20 2014, but it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t even know the CPA existed. Here are a few interesting facts about how the organization helps Canadian businesses and employees and why you should keep the CPA on your radar:

1. The CPA has been representing Canadian payroll processing interests of businesses since 1978. For decades it has been an important organization in Canada for businesses small and large, especially for businesses that heavily interact with American companies. With such a long history of providing outstanding support, the CPA can expertly help businesses navigate the 190 Canadian payroll regulations.

2. It offers a wide array of educational material so that businesses can make smart decisions regarding a payroll program, whether they choose to invest in online software or want to outsource their payroll program to a professional company. Staying on top of your business’ payroll program can be a daunting task, especially if you are working for a business that is experiencing a big increase of employees.

3. Various certification and development programs are offered by the CPA and are geared toward payroll professionals. If you do choose to outsource your payroll program to another company you can be sure that your company’s payroll will run smoothly because many professionals have engaged in these programs. The CPA makes sure to stay on top of the newest payroll program technologies and it makes sure that all businesses, regardless of size, have the opportunity to make their payroll program as easy as possible.

Businesses shouldn’t have sacrifice focus on their core product because they have to focus on details like government tax regulations and employee tax deductions, but whether your business chooses to use payroll program software or chooses to outsource the entire operation to a professional payroll service provider, the CPA ensures that your business’ payroll program is running smoothly. Links like this.

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