What Are the Most Expensive Private Schools?

If you want to give your child the absolute best education, then you’re probably doing some research on the top private schools in your area. That’s great! But did you know that there are schools even more expensive than top local private schools? Let’s review a few of the world’s most expensive private schools.

The first school on our list is titled “The American School,” but it’s actually located in the Swiss mountains. This is a highly selective private institution that focuses its curriculum around fine art.

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The school functions as both a day school and a boarding school, which means local residents and foreign families alike may send their children here for schooling. There are about 700 students in the student body at any given time and they come from all over the world.

Next on the list is Think Global Schools, which isn’t rooted in a single location. It’s one of the most unconventional schools in the world. When enrolled, students will travel all over the world to continue their education. They’ll study in up to 12 countries and live in four different countries for each year of their schooling. It’s truly a unique (and expensive) education.


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