Looking for Ready Cash? Selling an Annuity Settlement Can Bring You Financial Freedom

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    Sell my annuity

    Are you currently faced with a situation in life where the lack of funds or a financial setback is preventing you from carrying out your dreams? Financial problems can crop up at any point of time, and their most immediate impact on people usually is a mix of hopelessness and despair. Mounting debt or failure to keep up a strong credit score might even stop you from being approved for conventional loans, and whatever you had planned out might come crashing down. However, if you are currently receiving yearly payments from an annuity settlement from a lawsuit award or a lottery victory, there is a way you can change your fortunes quickly and easily.

    A structured settlement annuity, the mode of payment in most lawsuit awards and lottery wins, works in a particular way. In this scheme, the total money du

    3 Instances Where Selling a Structured Settlement is a Smart Mo

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    Can i sell my annuity

    Do you receive monthly payments from a structured annuity settlement that you acquired from a lawsuit, lottery payments, or an inheritance? If so, you’ve probably seen advertisements on tv that entice you to cash in structured settlement payments any time you want a little more spending money– to take a nice vacation, to buy Christmas presents, or to make a luxury purchase, such as a car that you don’t need. If you were to calculate the amount of money you would lose when you cash in structured settlement payments to make a purchase that doesn’t add value to your financial well-being, you’ll probably realize the cost of selling your structured settlement will be far greater than the purchase was w

    After Years of Overseeing Lottery Payments West Virginia’s Commissioner Retires

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    Cash in structured settlement payments

    About half (48%) of all lotto winners work after they win. Unfortunately for the last 19 years John Musgrave wasn’t able to participate in such activity, but that didn’t stop him from feeling like he won the lottery every day. Musgrave was a a Sunday school teacher and on the board of directors at his church before he became Lottery Commissioner in West Virginia. While he had worked for years in different administrative positions at the state and federal level, it certainly made for an unexpected appointment by then-Governor Cecil Underwood in 1997.

    “I said, ‘The Lottery?’ Musgrave said. “The last thing I?d want to be associated with would be gambling.”

    After almost 19 years of overseeing lottery payments and watching people decide between lump sum versus Continue Reading No Comments