4 Tips to Help You Successfully Handle Divorce

There are many things that must be considered when it comes to filing for a divorce, especially when child custody rights and other issues involving minor children are involved in the proceedings. The best way to get sound legal advice during the divorce process is to work with a law firm that is experienced with […]

Setting Up A Corporation In New York State

Whether you think you have the next big invention, you’re starting out in private practice or consulting, or you have a great business idea ready for prime time, setting up a corporation has a broad range of benefits.  A corporation is a separate legal entity from its founders, owners and/or employees, which has many of the […]

Surging Tech Stocks Lead In Market Cap

In one of the strongest signs yet of the long-term effects of the economic recovery, for the first time since 1974, the world’s five largest corporations by market capitalization are both US-based and all in the same sector. While the last two years have been particularly bullish for tech stocks, the broader-market slowdown combined with […]

How an IPO Company Can Expand Their Business

At a time when the emergence of new and innovative companies is back on the rise after the recent financial crisis, these young businesses must compete in a flooded marketplace. Besides creating interesting and original products and services, having the ability to grow is one of the most effective methods for gaining an advantage over […]

Breaking Down Prime Brokers: 3 Aspects

Prime brokers are the primary individuals utilized by prime brokerage firms to coordinate and make sales and trades with hedge funds. The everyday person can use prime brokers as a way to invest money in the dynamic and exciting world of stocks, bonds, and other securities. According to a Bankrate.com survey, over half (52%) of […]

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