How to Know You Need to Invest in New Gutters

Do you need new gutters? Did your house come without them? The video shows what can happen to and around your home if it is without gutters.

Not all states require builders to install gutters. In fact, most people will not notice if the new house they purchase is without gutters.

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Even if you look up at the roof area, you will probably focus more on the design and symmetry rather than the presence of a gutter system.

Without a gutter system, the rain will pour off your rooftop and onto the ground around your house. This rainwater can erode and devastate granite decks. It can also destroy the soil around your house, making it impossible to grow anything. If enough water accumulates over time, it can increase the dampness in your basement, leading to mold growth and other problems.

Having gutters installed can help you avoid such destruction. When you have the new gutters put in, make sure you have a concrete edging extended to the horizontal pipe through which the water will come down. This will allow you to channel this water into a suitable drain or another safe place. Now you know the answer: you do need gutters in your home.


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